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DealernetB2B Live Trading Platform Details

Virtual trading of real cards with no listing or transaction fees. All trades are completed anonymously.  Funds and cards and cards transfer between Dealernet accounts so there is no need to ship or process payments. 

NO RISK- DealernetB2B® will facilitate both sides of a trade match on our new virtual trading platform like trading shares on the stock exchange. Therefore, data is NEVER exchanged between buyers and sellers and you are assured of delivery of your product and/or payment.
All cards are in near mint or better condition.  Dealernet makes no warranty as to the grade of any specific cards.

Trading fees and expenses:

Request cards from your portfolio to be shipped to you
$10 FLAT FEE PER SHIPMENT (additional if outside US)

Monthly storage fees
1-199 cards = FREE
200-999 cards = $10/month
1000+ cards = $20/month

Dealernet LIVE Terms of Service:
In this Agreement, "the customer" refers to the individuals, corporations or parties who are the account holders, have an interest in the account(s) and sign this Agreement.

1. Parties. This Agreement is entered into between Dealernet, Inc®. ("Dealernet Live") and Customer(s) ("Customer") submitting by click on the "I AGREE" button below.

2. Purpose of Agreement. This Agreement provides for the establishment of an account for Customer with Dealernet Inc. for the purchase and sale of sportscard boxes and shall apply to all such transactions between Customer and Dealernet Inc.

3. Acknowledgment of Risk. Because of the unpredictable nature of the commodities markets, the purchase and sale of commodities involve a high degree of risk and are not suitable for all persons. Customer represents that he has read and understands and represents that he is aware of the nature and extent of his rights and the risks involved under this Agreement.

I AGREE       
(to activate your account, click the button and then enter the account owners name in the e-mail form)