Notice: B2B Logins have been disabled. Please go to DealernetX to the new marketplace. CLICK HERE for important updates regarding the release of the new DealernetX website.


Update 12/31/23:


We have begun migration to the new  website and we will be testing all functionality over the next 12-24 hours.   

Members will continue to have limited access on Dealernetb2b to follow up on any recent transactions and continued ability to communicate with Dealernet ADMIN and Help Desk (contact us). 

No new offers or EFT credit transfers can be submitted until the new site is available which we are hoping to be January 1st.  Any messages and edits to marketplace buy/sell listings will not be migrated to the new site after 12/30/23.

Any pending offers on Dealernetb2b from 12/30/23 must be resubmitted on DealernetX once live.  Expired offers will not count against any user's metric scores as they will reset as of 1/1/24.

Thank you in advance for your patience.



 Update 12/27/23:

Please note the important timeline update regarding offers as we approach release of the DealernetX website.  All transactions on DealernetB2B should be completed before 1pm on 12/29/23.  Any existing pending offers will be voided at that time as functionality on DealernetB2B will be limited to view only access so that the existing data can be transferred to DealernetX.  Members will be able to continue accessing DealernetB2B for 1-2 weeks after release and can follow up on recently completed orders, but all new offers and updated listings should be processed directly through the new DealernetX portal.

UPDATE 12/23/23:

Please note that all requests to add/WD Dealernet EFT funds will be temporarily disabled on 12/28/23 to allow for transfer to the DealernetX site.  Make sure to initiate any requests prior to December 28th if you need processed before the end of this month.  Members will continue to transfer credits onsite without any limitations until the site is taken offline on December 30th.


Important updates regarding the roll out of will be posted to this page. 

Please check back daily as we prepare for roll out of our new site that is scheduled on the weekend of December 30-31, 2023.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know using the link below.  We will make every effort to minimize the time the Dealernet site is offline and hope that once the new site is in production, that the experience for all users will be improved.  

Thank you for your patience and continued support of Dealernet,

Mike Miller